Hiratsuka City Museum opened in 1976.The theme of the museum is the nature and culture of Sagami River area. This museum is now known as an active local museum all over the country.Many students and citizens visit the museum, look at the exhibition, and participate in the workshops. Some of them also make research with the curators of the museum.

1st Floor

The theme : Sagami Plain and its people

1. Welcome to Hiratsuka City Museum
2. Let's have much knowledge about our town
3. Reserching along Sagami River Basin
4. Blessinngs given from Sagami River
5. Kaname River and life of people living in the riverside area
6. Four seasons in countryside
7. Green pigeons flying between mountains and sea
8. Stone products in our town
9. Ancient People's Life on Goryogadai Highland
10. Tsukakoshi Tumulus
11. Hiratsuka-juku (Ancient Post town of Hiratsuka)
12. Old House in Sagami
13. Donated Articles

2nd Floor

The theme : Study of the Local Area

1. Seaside Life of Sagami Bay
2. Watching the nature of the sea by Beach combing
3. Michaux bicycle
4. Driftage from Rivers
5. Origin of the Ground
6. Giant White Clams of the Deep Sea
7. Rocks and Geographical Features
8. Earthenware Telling Old Lives
9. Machilus fossil
10. History of Tools
11. Religious Services
12. Research for Old Capital of Sagami
13. Four Seasons of Farmers
14. Old Life on the Post Town
15. Traditional Meeting in the Village
16. Perishing Articles and Sceneries
17. Earthquake and Ground of Hiratsuka
18. Urbanization and Organisms
19. Life in Showa Era
20. Information Corner

3rd Floor

The theme : Plaza of Stars

1. Planetarium
2. late model Planetarium
3. Information Corner about Astronomy
4. Meteorite(Information Box from the Space)
5. SDSS Galaxy model
6. The sun is now
7. The sun and satellites in solar system

Outdoor exhibition

1. Rocks in watershed areas of the Sagami-River
2. Rocks of the Tanzawa Mountains
3. Japanese cypress fossil in the Mt.Hakone
4. Siliconization tree
5. Chart (Red jasper)
6. Stone Monument of "Ishizue"
7. Pavement Dwelling mark
8. Brewing process Stock tub
9. large pottery pot
10. Cauldron
11. 「God Vairocana」Stone pagoda

You can rent the guide book during looking around exhibitions floors. At present this guide book is only available in Japanese.
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